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Saudi Arabia
Collapsed Cranes surrounding the mosque in Mecca

Over 100 People dead and 200 injured due to crane collapse at Mecca mosque in Saudi Arabia

A crane collapsed at the Al Haram mosque in Mecca, Saudi Arabia on Friday, many have been reportedly dead and many others wounded. Many cranes where installed around the mosque for many months trying to re-construct the mosque.

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The collapsed crane was caused by heavy rain and strong storms which hit up the grand mosque building that surrounds “ Kaaba” the islam’s holly place.


Atleast over 100 people reportedly dead and over 200 others got severe injuries, according to the Saudi Civil Defence Forces ( SCDF ) which came as a rescue team.

The incident happened before the annual muslim pilgrimage to Mecca which was set to take place towards the end of this months.

Please pray for our brothers and sisters in Mecca Saudi Arabia.

Dear readers, this is too bad for the the believers around the world and it has been a very big shock to all muslims world-wide.

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