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Sponsored 13 Amazing Facts About A Giraffe

A Giraffe is the world’s tallest animal, they are normally found on the African continent, if you would like to know more about Giraffes, look at the amazing facts below.

These are the 13 facts about a Giraffe, according to Bright Future Tours Uganda

(1) Giraffes are the world’s tallest mammals and they are originally found only in Africa.
(2) The young born babies are even taller than most humans.
(3) Female giraffes pregnancy period is 14 months.
(4) Female Giraffes give birth while standing, however all giraffes spend most of their time standing.
(5) Giraffes donot chew cads
(6) A male giraffe is 5 metres and a half and a female one is 4 metres and 2 inches tall, which means that a male is taller than a female.
(7) A male giraffe can weigh about 1200 kgs and the female can weigh about 830 kgs.
(8) Giraffes donot like to be touched on their heads or between their legs.
(9) Giraffes are very humble and social animals, however they can defend themselves incase of any attack for instance, a giraffe can kick a lion to death.
(10) A giraffe can run about 40 kms per hour.
(11) A girafe can drink water of about 30 litres and spends 10 days without taking more water.
(12) Giraffes can eat all the leaves on a tree including the tree skin and this can cause the tree to dry up very fast.
(13) Giraffes can live longer than 28 years.

Because of all the above facts about a giraffe, its really an amazing animal.

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