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7 Ways You Could Be Killing Your iPhone Battery Unknowingly

If you’re like the majority of iPhone addicts, [9]you’re constantly scanning for outlets the second you walk into a room, hoping to find a spot to charge your phone before it dies again.[2]

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But before you find yourself stuck without a cord, [3]available outlet or portable charger, you may want to consider taking a more proactive approach to preserve battery life.

Here are 7 ways you could be draining your iPhone ‘s battery without even knowing it:

1. Plugging your iPhone into a computer that’s not active


When you’ve misplaced your charging block, plugging into a computer seems like an obvious alternative.[2] But if your device is connected to a computer that’s turned off or is in sleep or standby mode,[12] that can cause problems. To avoid battery drain, make sure your computer is plugged in and powered on while charging.[7]

2. Exposing your phone to extreme temperatures

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Too hot: Avoid exposing your iPhone to temperatures higher than 95° F. When your phone is exposed to this kind of heat it can cause permanent damage to battery capacity;[2] your battery won’t power as long on a given charge, Apple warns.

Too cold: If your battery is in a cold environment, you may notice the charge start to decrease[8]However, this is only temporary and your phone will return to its normal range when it warms up.[5]

3. Using the Facebook app


If you notice your phone battery draining too quickly, the Facebook app may be to blame. In February,[10] The Guardian tested out the impact the popular app has on a phone’s battery. [12]The study discovered that removing the Facebook app from an iPhone saved up to 15 percent of the phone’s battery life. [3]Here’s a suggestion: Instead of surfing Facebook via the app, try using the mobile version on your phone’s browser instead.



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