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flying car: Aeromobile To Take First Initial Orders By 2016

AeroMobile is a beautiful flying car,well integrated. Changes in just seconds from an automobile to an airplane. It actually gives you freedom to move smoothly even when there is traffic jam.

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AeroMobile is a flying car which perfectly makes use of actual facility built for automobiles and planes, it opens an exit to factual door-to-door travel. Provided its a car, it can fit into any normal parking space, it uses regular refined petroleum used as fuel for internal combastion engine ( gasoline ), it can be used in road traffic similar to any other car.

This flying car can use any airport in the whole world to take off and land using any paved surface just a few hundred meters long.

The contemporary flying car product AeroMobile 3.0 incorporates important advancements and upgrades to the previous pre-product AeroMobil 2.5.

This flying car is now completed and it has been in frequent flight-testing program in real flight state since 2014 around October.


The AeroMobile 3.0 is generally built from advanced and modern complex material. which comprises its body shell, wheels and wings. It also includes all the main features that are most likely to be contained into the final product, like modern parachute, avionics equipment, deployment system and autopilot.

This Aeromobile includes numerous advanced technologies like well built suspension which allows it to takeoff and even land on rough ground, it has a changeable angle of strike of the wings which materially reduces the requirements of taking off.

They will probably set the manufacturing date as soon as they complete the final configuration, they believe to start delivering the product in the next two or three years period and the process of sales will begin earlier.

In order to operate this aeromobile, you will need to have Private Pilot License (PPL) and .AeroMobil Sport Pilot License (SPL) which will be just enough. To obtain these licenses, you will need to go for a Training which will differ country by country, but the recommended minimum flight training will be 40 hours. The standard car drving license will be required For the normal road driving,

At the moment, its being registered in many countries around the world and hopefully it will be ready to take first initial orders by 2016.

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