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Abiriga says term limits wants to be lifted
MP Abiriga

I Can’t Apologize For Peeing In Public-Abiriga

Arua Municipality Member of Parliament Ibrahim Abiriga has waved off the pleas from a section of people asking him to apologise.

The legislator was summoned to City Hall court on September 6 for allegedly urinating near the gate of ministry of finance, hence becoming a public nuisance.

Abiriga while speaking to NBS TV last week admitted to urinating at the Ministry, arguing that he was out of options.

The ardent NRM supporter also said he was not apologetic over the matter.

“What did you expect me to do, I had urine on me so I jumped out (of the car) and went to urinate, what is wrong with that?” an honestly blunt Abiriga reiterated.

Further cries to Abiriga to own up have instead rued him, dismissing recent persuasions to apologise with utmost spite.

“Apologise to who, have you people never urinated? You want me to apologise to my people, don’t people of Arua urinate?” he said on Monday.

The legislator also hinted that he would report to court where he is summoned. He also insisted there is no need to report with lawyers for such a “small matter”.

“I will go a lone, I do not need to inform my lawyers as if it’s a murder case. They will not slaughter me for urinating just,” he said.

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