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Apple has setup a program to replace unclear iPhone 6 Plus cameras

Incase if you’re among those that bought Apple iPhone 6 Plus and you finally realized it had blurred images, you will soon get a smile on your face, the company is finally going to offer a replacement of the back camera in the device. Since October last year, some users have been reporting an issue of blurred images produced by iPhone 6 plus back camera.

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Apple said its just a small number of iPhones that got a defect problem.

And these where purchased between September 2014 and January 2015, therefore, only those iPhones purchased between that period will be covered by Apple’s camera replacement program which will only allow you to insert your iPhone serial number into the search area just to findout if your device back camera is eligible for free replacement.

However, not all serial numbers that match approved replacement list will necessarily mean that your device back camera is faulty.

You will also need to confirm that your device back camera needs to be fixed and if your iPhone 6 plus has a cracked screen, the replacement program recommends you to make sure you repair it before. Nevertheless, Apple will only replace faulty isight back camera but NOT the whole device.

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