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Golola Moses dismantles Tugume for the second time

Golola moses

It was a match fought on the lover’s night, dubbed as the ‘Revenge fight’ after 2014’s famous ten second fight when Golola landed a lucky punch to knock out Tugume. Check also: Meet the former American proffessional heavyweight champion who won the century fight in 1971 Every kick boxing enthusiast in the country and beyond the boarders looked forward to ...

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20 Monday Quotes To Light Up Your Week

monday quotes

Some times as the week begins ( Monday ), many of us tend to be so weak due to the short weekend that we had that makes us forget about our stressing work that we have to grip with in the five days of the week but worry not because below are the awesome words that will help you have ...

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Relationship: 25 Tips to make you Live Long

love relationship

1. Acknowledge the opinions, feelings and needs of others when you want to strengthen your relationship Relationship: It’s very easy to get caught up in our own little world. Sometimes we feel so eager to express our feelings and point of view that we neglect the opinions and feelings of others. If you want to build strong, long-lasting relationships you ...

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Manchester United to make history of earning £500m in a year than any club

Manchester utd Van Gaal

Manchester United are on track to become the first British club to earn more than £500m in one year despite their lack of success on the pitch. Check also: Giggs could quit Man Utd in 2 days Second-quarter revenues rose by 26.6% to a record £133.8m, with commercial revenues up 42.5% to £66.1m. Broadcast revenue rose 31.3% to £37.3m and ...

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All Uganda domestic workers reportedly to be expelled from Saudi Arabia

ugandan workers

Reports from the Ugandan community working in the Middle East show that some Ugandan domestic workers in Saudi Arabia have been served with letters showing that there is intention to terminate their contracts in 3 months as per a government order. Check also: Israel is reportedly sending away unwanted African migrants According to the same reports, the move has been ...

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