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Top 5 Socialites In Uganda you SHOULD know

one of the socialites

When we talk about socialites, we mean people who are well-known in fashionable society. In Uganda today, we’ve got many of them, but we managed to pick out a few who are sounding more than the rest.  These few that we’ve researched on managed to show Ugandans that money is not a problem to them. Check also: Hot Video! Socialite Meddie ...

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8 Multi – Millionaires In Uganda You Need To Know

multi million

Very few Ugandans have managed to build Multi – million businesses in different areas like food, agriculture, real estate, energy, distribution etc. The names of these billionaires don’t sound so much and am sure many have not heard of them before. These Ugandans have very powerful businesses which generates more than $50 million per year, according to forbes. Check also: Top ...

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How I Narrowly Failed To Join Andela Software Company


It was my desire to work for any software company someday, I have never studied software engineering or even computer programming in school. The little knowledge I had was through self-taught. One day I was checking my facebook account, I landed on Andela sponsored post via my newsfeed, I click on it, read through and finally decided to apply, that ...

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Searching for Employment Woes after High School

high school

At a time of leaving high school, everyone had his fantasy of how life after school was going to be—different from the school’s. And definitely yes, it was. We could not wait finishing and be freed from morning ‘preps’ especially those who were boarders, as well as escape school punishments. And this fantasy came to pass. Finally we became books-stress ...

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How You Should Behave When You Go Abroad For Work

working abroad

Working abroad is kinda good to some people while it’s not good at all to the majority. The situations you go through in your home country can easily force you to travel  abroad seeking for refuge. But as the saying goes, ‘’East or West, home is always the best’’, this is true and am sure many have witnessed that. Check ...

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