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Artificial Intelligence Is Revolutionising Agriculture


Artificial intelligence offers the promise of transforming agriculture in ways that could save over 815 million people, or 11% of the world’s population, from hunger:most especially in Africa, where the sector accounts for 32% of GDP and two-thirds of employment. Check also: Meet A Self-driving Tractor Which Could Change Farming Forever As at now, three-quarters of Africa’s farmers practice traditional farming ...

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Google To Stop All Cryptocurrency Related Ads From June 2018


The search engine giant, Google says it will ban all cryptocurrency related advertisement of every kind including wallets, initial coin offering, trading advice etc with effect from June 2018, as stated in their recent financial services policy update. Check also: Google reportedly offered $30 billion to buy Snapchat The search giant’s cryptocurrency crackdown follows a similar ban that facebook did early ...

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7 Amazing Tips To Easily Help You Quit Alcohol

drinking alcohol

In the day to day life, one of  the challenges that people are facing is being addicted to drinking alcohol,  which may be harmful to their health. Others say,’’ drinking would not be bad, but over drinking in excess is what brings a challenge and different health risks in your precious life. Check also: Drinking Alcohol Is Directly Linked To This ...

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5 Things That Make Guys Lose Interest In You And Say To Hell With Relationship

women are hard relationship

The love, respect and attraction that a man and a woman feel for each other needs to be taken care of, because a relationship is not a static thing. One of the difficult ways to end a relationship is when you can’t identify the problem, but you know something is wrong. Perhaps you have changed or one of you has ...

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