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besigye congragulates raila

Besigye congratulates Raila Upon His Swearing In As Kenya’s People’s President

Despite of the fact that Kenya’s opposition leader raila odinga sworn in illegally as Keyan’s president, Besigye wished him the best.

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Besigye said: No one can doubt that these people have their president- People’s President!”.

He continued and said: “A result of election results that aren’t believable. Making the point an important part of the struggle for democratic transition,”

Besigye too took oath as the people’s president after the 2016 Uganda elections which left the opposition leader behind bars.

Nasa leader made history at Uhuru Park as he sworn in amid cheers from thousands of his supporters.

His oath was administered by lawyers Miguna Miguna and TJ Kajwang as his supporters.

However, Kalonzo Musyoka, who was to be sworn in as the Vice president, was not present at the ceremony.

Government officials had declared the ‘swear in’ as an act of treason.

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