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BoU spents shs 125M son pens
The pens of BoU

Here’s Why Bank Of Uganda Spent Shs 357,000 At Each Pen

They must have been some special kind of pens that cost the country’s central bank with each pen going for Shs357,000.

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Some Bank of Uganda officials are in the spotlight over a controversial procurement of commemorative pens in 2016 for the bank’s 50th anniversary celebrations.

According to documents quoted by NTV Uganda, the central bank used Shs125m to procure 350 branded rolling ball point pens for guests at the Golden Jubilee celebrations and the Joseph Mubiru memorial lecture.

According to bank’s procurement details, each pen was bought at Shs357,000.

This is contained in a letter dated September 27, 2016 from the acting director of procurement, Gloria Tuhaise Wakoba. Wakoba quotes Aristoc booklex limited demanding Shs125m for the pens.

Bank of Uganda Communications Director, Christine Alupo, told NTV that the money was used not just to procure pens but also other memorabilia for the high profile local and international guests.

According to a July 2016 letter, Alupo personally initiated this “unheard of” transaction.

“This was a special event. We needed to give out souvenirs,” she told NTV.

Bank of Uganda internal auditors say the procurement was initiated long after the pens had been supplied.

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