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Bryan White's Police File Case Lost In Court

Bryan White’s Police File Case Lost In Court, Charges Dropped

The money bags tycoon and socialite Bryan White who celebrated his Christmas and year while in prison , was accused of shooting Victor Batwire. He commited this crime in Buziga were he resides. Don’t forget Brian Kirumira has been on bail until yesterday, when he when he appeared to court for charges but unfortunately, his file was found missing.

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The one Bryan White’s case file was found missing.

However, the court magistrate could not just press charges over the suspect until evidence is proven. Therefore, the court should provide real evidence to start from the bottom of this case, but what we are sure of is that, the court lost the Kirumira’s case file.

It was last year in December when Bryan White  reportedly put a bullet into Victor Bitwire’s body together with his personal guard and personal police. They shot Victor claiming that he was following him unto his gate along Salaama Road.

Suddenly, yesterday after the case had been brought back to court, Brian Kirumira White insisted that he paid Victor both the medical bills and some extra charges, but people can’t see that.

It is alleged that Bryan might have been left to enjoy his life because he funded the police itself by renovating their prison to a better place to keep prisoners. He still threatened to arrest anyone under his foundation if he senses misuse of funds.

Bryan White said all this to alert youths under his Bryan White Foundation take caution. But don’t forget that all his charges were dropped and now a free man.

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