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bryan white rejected in masaka
Socialite bryan white

Bryan White Rejected In Masaka

Wonders shall never end.. Talking about wonders and surprises, the prestigious city tycoon in Uganda Bryan white was not welcomed in Masaka District.

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I thought being a city tycoon you have an automatic welcome to wherever you decide to go until masaka district proved to me that does not the way it works.

Bryan White’s Rejection

As you many of you know that  white is promoting the awareness of his organization “Bryan white foundation” throughout the country. It was on easter Monday when he decide to go to Kabaka’s land Masaka.

Despite having a warm welcomes from various districts that he has so moved to like Mbarara and  Mukono, Masaka wasn’t welcome to his side.

Bryan white who expected to seat in the VIP section in Nabugabo premises was actually shocked to find that the VIP seats were occupied by Masaka  tycoons that included Richard Kimera, Hajat Sarah Kiyimba Godfrey Kayemba, the Masaka Municipality Mayor and Lwasa Emmanuel. And the cards placed on their tables had writing on it saying “Masaka Whites Buddu Yaffe Gezaako walala meaning “Buddu county is ours, try elsewhere”

However this didn’t stop bryan he sat in the ordinary section until when he was given a chance to talk to people though he did not attract the audience for the people were busying grabbing Sipapa’s money that he was splashing.

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