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Kitante Hill Secondary School
Kampala, Uganda

Kitante Hill Senior Secondary School (KHSS), sometimes referred to as Kitante Hill School, is a public, mixed, day school located in Kitante, a neighborhood in the city ofKampala, the capital and largest metropolitan area in Uganda. It caters to middle school grades (S1 to S4) and to high school grades (S5 to S6).
Location of Kitante Hill
The school is located in the Kitante neighborhood in Kampala’s Central Division, approximately 3 kilometres (1.9 mi), by road, north-east of the city’s central business district.[1] Neighboring institutions include Kitante Primary School, a public elementary day school, and the Uganda Museum. The school can be accessed off of Acacia Avenue (John Babiiha Avenue), on Kololo Hill or off of Kira Road on Mulago Hill. The coordinates of the school are 0°20’02.4″N, 32°35’06.0″E (Latitude:0.3340; Longitude:32.5850).[citation needed] Overview
KHSS was established in 1960 to cater for the children of civil servants in the about-to-be independent Uganda. It started with a population of 200 students and was limited to O-Level classes until 1986 when A-Level studies were introduced. Initially a boys-only school, it became co-ed in 1987. The student population in April 2014 exceeds 1,600.[2] Academics
The school teaches both science and liberal arts subjects.

Nabisunsa Girls’ Secondary School
Kampala, Uganda

Nabisunsa Girls Secondary School is an all-girl boarding school located in Kampala, Uganda. The school was founded in 1954 by Prince Badru Kakungulu, a Buganda Royal, in 1954, to offer post-primary education to the Muslim girl-child. Today it admits girls of all faiths.

Uganda Martyrs’ Secondary School Namugongo
Namugongo, Uganda

Uganda Martyrs Secondary School Namugongo famously known as GONGOS or even just NAMUGONGO is a Privately Sponsored Secondary School in Uganda. The School is found in Kira Sub-County in Wakiso district.
History of Uganda Martyrs 
The Uganda Martyrs were killed in 1886, but guided the founders, 81 years later, on the name Uganda Martyrs’ S.S Namugongo. The inspiration of the martyrs had been such that they are extolled in the school anthem and are implored daily to intercede for and bestow blessings on the school community.
Mgr. Lawrence Mbwega, the parish priest wrote a book in which he stated that three people should never be forgotten: Jeremiah Munyagwa, Helena Namazzi and Joseph Mugerwa. The trio rallied the parents NamugongoCatholic parish and in 1967 they started the project. Mbwega’s role was pivotal and together with Fr.Semwogerere guided and supported the infant institution. Joseph Nkalubo, Joseph Nyungwe, Cosmas Lwanga Matayo Kamya, Paul Ssentamu, Elia Lwandasa, Leo Kibuuka and Bruno Serunkuuma were also supportive in the founding and building years. On September 3, 1967 a founders’ meeting raised Ushs. 2,570 as startup capital. Mbwega explains that the protectorate government did not want the multiplication of secondary schools. Starting a secondary school, at the time junior school, was an opposition to the government. “When we applied for a junior school we were told we had to send the student to either St. Peter’s S.S Nsambya or to St. Joseph’s Naggalama, the only catholic schools for the Mary Hill Fathers at the time. The children had to walk to Nsambya which was very difficult particularly for the girls. Hence the parents decided to start their own, Namugongo, “Mbwega recalls it hence started as a community project. Mugerwa in his nineties attributes the driving force behind the founding of the school to Mbwega’s God-given gift of love for children and being among them. The school opened on 15 January 1967 with 27 students and four teachers. Others were part timers from Nabisunsa Girls Secondary School andKyambogo College School with Charles Martins as the first head master. Mugerwa narrates that while the target was to enroll children of the area, the majority who were enrolled in the first years were from distant places. “The residents were not keen about enrolling their students at Namugongo. The students from the community started embracing the school during the time Dr. Muyingo was the Head teacher. In the first years the school was as local as were its first students. “Obwana Bwali local-local,” he said, as greatly opposed to the present society of the school.

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Vienna College Namugongo
Kampala, Uganda

Vienna College Namugongo is a private co-education institution, and is home to over four hundred students.

It opened its doors to international students early in January 2000, rapidly establishing itself as a haven for senior students from Kenya, Burundi, Rwanda, Tanzania, Europe, the United States and of course, its home setting- Uganda. Vienna College is a Cambridge International (CIE) Centre UG0010 offering IGCSE and GCE “A-level” Courses. Currently, Vienna College is the largest CIE Centre in Uganda basing on the enrolment for IGCSE and “A” Level Examinations.
History of Vienna College
Vienna College Namugongo commenced in February 1999 as a result of an invitation by the Ugandan President H.E: Yoweri Museveni to Austrians to invest in the Ugandan Education sector.

Two notable Austrians, Brigadier Helmut Moser and Major Gabriel Rudolf partnering with renowned Ugandan educationalist Dr. J.C. Muyingo mobilized resources to establish this project. Emmanuel Wamala, the Archbishop of Kampala archdiocese donated the land onto which V C N sits today.

A home to over four hundred students, Vienna College Namugongo, is a private co-education institution. It opened its doors to International students early in January 2000, rapidly establishing itself as a haven for senior students from Kenya, Burundi, Rwanda, Tanzania, Europe, the United States and of course, its home setting- Uganda.

In mid-2005, a new Board took over control and ownership of this College. The Board is chaired by renowned Economist and Educationalist Mr. Chris Kassami and includes Mr. Bob Kabonero, Mr. William Byaruhanga and Mr. Enoch Rukidi, the Resident Executive Director. They have transformed the school into a fully fledged International school. Ms. Nisha Namaara oversees the development of Vienna as a Business Consultant and Governor, a position initially held by Denise Kalule.

Vienna College is a University of Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) Centre UG010 offering IGCSE, GCE “A” Level” courses and A.I.C.E Diploma Awards. Currently, Vienna College is the largest CIE Centre in Uganda based on the enrolment and candidates entered for IGCSE and “A” Level examinations for June and November 2007 to 2012. The college had its last academic participation in the UNEB ‘O’ Level and ‘A’ Level examination programmes in 2010.

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