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why watermelon seeds are more important in our bodies than spitting them away


To many people, this might sound a little absurd,[2] that eating water melon seeds is more important in our bodies than spitting them away.  many of you may think that eating a watermelon with the seeds may ignite an enormous fruit in your stomach but the reality is the opposite.[9] Check also: 8 Great Reasons Why You Should Eat Avocado Seeds ...

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The world’s heaviest woman has reportedly lost 600 pounds (about 272kg) in 5 years

heaviest woman

Mayra Lizbeth Rosales, born 1980, she was reported as the heaviest woman in the world, she weighed over 1000 pounds, but now she weighs about 756 pounds which is wonderful and amazing. Check also: 17 quotes for the struggling parents She was affected by obese. She wasnot able walk. She could not easily lift herself. Her legs looked deformed. She ...

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Pregnant woman of 65 years will produce quadruplets


The Germany media reported that a 65 years old woman from Berlin, Germany is pregnant again with quadruplets,[1] she already has 13 children and seven grandchildren. Check also: Meet The Identical Twins Who Share Everything Includding Boyfriend And Bed She was forced to have another child because her nine years old daughter wanted alittle sister or brother.[5] The German RTL ...

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Penis donors wanted in South Africa

Penis  transplant

Doctors in Johannesburg, South Africa are able and ready to perform Penis transplants in almost all South Africa’s hospitals. They are just waiting for those who are willing to donate. Check also: The first human head transplant could be possible by 2017 South Africa is carrying out a similar transplant, however Dr Christian Bernard’s successful heart transplant in 1967 was ...

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Sponsored Fumigation And Cleaning Company In Uganda

pml services in Fumigation services

Introducing to you Paragon Mercantile Ltd ( PML Services ) the company that proved to be among the best service providers in Kampala, Uganda, mainly in fumigation. The company was incorporated last year but you may think that it was incorporated 10years back,  PML Services provides the following services: Fumigation ; Avoid Cockroach Disease Use PML services Cockroach disease is something that ...

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