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11 Reasons Why Girls Shouldn’t Be Afraid To Say No

Girl fear to say No

As Girls, this translates into an inability to say no to things that we don’t want to do or that go against our belief system. It’s high time we changed that. It’s high time we learnt the value of saying ‘NO’. Check also: 10 Things Shy Girls Normally Say And What They Actually Mean 1. Owner of your life You are ...

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15 Things Girls In A Long Term Relationship Will Get!

long term relationship

At one point or another, we reach a stage in our relationships where we get way too comfortable with our partners. We realize that there is a huge shift from holding hands and exciting date nights to eating pizza at home and calling each other names, isn’t it? So, if you’ve survived the true test of time and been in ...

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11 Signs That Show You’re Both Not Ready For A Baby

Baby: Signs that show you're not ready to have a baby

Having  a baby is always God’s favor and a true blessing but the problem comes when the couple has to decide as to when  is the right time to have a baby Check also:  I Want To Be A Dad Of Seven Children-Cristiano Reveals The following are the signs to show that you’re not ready to have a child 1. ...

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10 Hot Things Boyfriends Always Say That Are So Sweet

silly things boyfriends say

Sometimes boyfriends can say things that make you want to pull out your hair and sometimes they say things that make you wonder – what does that even mean?! But at other times they say things that absolutely, positively make our toes curl with joy and passion both! Check also: 10 Things Why Men Love Dating Short Women Here are 10 of those hot ...

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The Most Beautiful Ladies In Africa Come From Western Uganda -King Oyo

The beautiful ladies in Africa come From Western Uganda King Oyo

The king of Tooro, King Oyo had declared that western girls are most beautiful creatures in Uganda. Check also: Meet The World’s Youngest Ruling King, Nyimba In a leaked social media chat between the King and Trevor Keith Nasasira, son to former Minister, John Nasasira, he advises Trevor to settle for girls from West. In the chat, Trevor informs the king ...

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