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4 Signs You’re In Love With Someone Who Doesn’t Deserve You

love relationship

Lasting relationships are built on mutual trust, love, and respect. It’s a constant give-and-take. When one person is always the one having to compromise or sacrifice, it can lead to resentment. If your partner constantly puts himself before you, is self-centered, or isn’t concerned with how you feel, they probably don’t deserve you. Check also: 10 Signs Your Partner Is Nolonger ...

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9 norms of Highly Successful People

Norms carried out by successful people

Norms are people’s daily rituals that they carry out on a typical day but different people practice different norms depending on their preferene Check also: 7 worst money habits you have and how to end them Talking about the people , the following are the norms that the successful people carry out that has helped them gain a portal to their ...

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Activists In Uganda Appealed To Government To Implement Anti Child Sacrifice Laws

child sacrifice

Kampala — Organisations advocating against child sacrifice have appealed to government to implement existing laws on child sacrifice to curb the macabre crime. Check also: Meet Asan Kasingye, Uganda’s Newly Appointed Police Spokesperson The call follows media reports of two child sacrifice cases in Rakai District in February 2017 where children were murdered in the most brutal manner that saw the ...

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3 signs You Will Be Fine

3 signs that you will be fine

Being Fine is one thing that is prestigious to every soul mate of this earth though sometimes it’s never fine to most people. Check also:  10 Things to Remember When Life is No Longer Exciting Inspirational notes, Word of God (WOG) are all said to those whose things are not fine But, here are the signs that things are going ...

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