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10 Things That You Should Do To Smell Good ALWAYS!

perfume and Smell good

Haven’t you ever come across someone who smelled so good all the time that you wondered what their secret was?! Who wouldn’t want to smell like they bathe with flower petals every single time? Of course, showering often is a no-brainer, but there are some hacks that these impeccably smelling people have certainly mastered. We reveal a few things that ...

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Nigeria Is Now World’s Largest Producer of Cassava


Nigeria has become the largest producer of cassava in the world with an annual output of 45 million metric tons. The Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Mr Audu Ogbeh, has said. Check also:Nigeria To cut 24,000 Ghost Workers From The National Payroll, Saving $11.5 Million A Month Ogbe who was represented by the Minister of State of Agriculture and ...

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East African Governments In Plans To Stop Importing Used-Clothes


NAIROBI – Gigomba market, just north of Nairobi’s downtown, is a place to buy just about anything. At its entrance, where ragged minibuses push their way through rutted red mud, stalls sell piles of pillows, plastic toys, cutlery and soap. But the most common wares are second-hand clothing. Piles of old T-shirts and jeans; winter jackets, incongruous in the equatorial ...

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5 Bad Morning Habits And How To Fix Them

lazy Habits

There’s a whole turn of bad habits people do first thing in the morning. Some of them may seem innocent enough (i.e. slamming your hand on the snooze button and sleeping in a few extra minutes every weekday, they can lead to negative health implications that can sabotage your life. Check also: 5 things you need every morning in order ...

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Prince William To Attend Ex-girlfriend’s Wedding In Kenya This Weekend

prince william

Prince William will visit Kenya over the Easter weekend from Thursday 24 until Sunday 27 March. Kensington Palace announced the news in a statement, saying that William’s trip is a private one and will focus on his wildlife and conservation campaign. Check also: The Princess of Cambridge has been named officially However royal watchers are speculating that the Prince will ...

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