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Activities associated with the governance of a country or other area, especially the debate or conflict among individuals or parties having or hoping to achieve power

Museveni Is Introducing Hitler’s system Of Spying On Uganda’s Citizens-Betty Nambooze

nambooze says museveni is intoducing hitler's system

Betty Nambooze was speaking at the cross section of catholic MPs who have come together to investigate on the people who are spying on religious leaders. Check also: Leave Religious Leaders In Peace-MP’s Warn Museveni This section has come up on the allegation made by Archbishop lwanga who accused museveni of spying on recognized prestigious religious leaders. Kasibate claimed that spying ...

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Leave Religious Leaders In Peace-MP’s Warn Museveni

mps warn museveni

MPs have warned president Museveni over the pies that he has placed in worshiping areas to spy on religious leaders. Check also: Archbishop Dr Cyprian Denies Allegations of Wanting To Over Throw The NRM Government Lwanga said that he got an anonymous that revealed that they are actually spying on him. “Let Museveni and his government be courageous enough to call ...

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Museveni Is To Make Ugandans Poor By 2020-Muhammad Nsereko

museveni attacked by nsereko

The Member of Parliament Muhammad Nsereko has come out to criticize Museveni on his decision of taxing social media platforms in Uganda. Check also: M7 Introduces Tax On Social Media Platforms Museveni introduced a new tax of 100 shs on whatsapp, facebook and other most used social media platforms Museveni said that the introduction of this new tax is increase revenue ...

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Archbishop Dr Cyprian Denies Allegations of Wanting To Over Throw The NRM Government

Cyprian denies allegation of wanting to overthrow the government

Dr Cyprian Kizito Lwanga the Archbishop of Kampala has denied the alllegations against him wanting to overthrow President Museveni and his government. Check also: Rwanda And Uganda Have No Conflicts-Museveni Claims The Archbishop was talking to the congregation at old kampala play grounds where many turned for the holy mass. He said he got the shocking information of him wanting to ...

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Kitatta Asks For Bail Saying He’s An NRM Chairman

Kitatta asks bail

Abudallah Kitatta the Boda Boda 2010 Chairman requested   for a bail from the army court where he’s charged with a number of offences. Check also: The Boda Boda 2010 Boss Charged Kitatta together with other 10 people were charged with to unlawful possession of military hardware that is to say; guns, pistols and ammunition. Through his  lawyer Shaban Sanywa, the boda ...

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