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Activities associated with the governance of a country or other area, especially the debate or conflict among individuals or parties having or hoping to achieve power

Antivirus Software Developer John McAfee To Run For President


Anti-virus software developer John McAfee confirmed on Tuesday that he is planning to run for president of the United States and this is his next logical step. Reports say that McAfee will run under his newly formed party known as “Cyber Party”. Check also: Minecraft founder Markus feels unhappy after selling off the company We will have our official announcement ...

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What Obama and Buhari talked about when they met


Well, it’s a great pleasure to welcome President Buhari and his delegation here to the Oval Office for his first visit since the recent election that took place. Nigeria is one of the vulnerable countries in the world and one of the most important countries in the African continent. we saw an election in which it led into peaceful change ...

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Top Burundi official flees on the day before controversial vote


The head of Burundi parliament “Pie Ntavyohanyuma” fled from his country on Sunday and said he had to leave his country due to the unrest striking of the people in the country that are against the illegal third term of their President in Burundi. Check also: Burundi: Security Advisor To The Vice President Was Killed In An Attack Pie said ...

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Former prime minister of Uganda Amama Mbabazi breaks the silence

Amama mbabazi says he's still around

The former premier Amama Mbabazi of Uganda has declared it today morning that he will stand for the presidency election in 2016 as a sole candidate through social media, which has meant that he has fulfilled the request of the NRM poor youth that wanted him to stand for the presidential bid next year 2016. Check also: Diaspora: What Ugandans In ...

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Joan Kagezi, the acting assistant director of public prosecution, was shot dead on Monday evening

Joan Kagezi

Senior Principal State Attorney Joan Kagezi has been reported dead .The two killers were travelling on a motorcycle, they shot her dead at a round 7:00am and it was a planned assassination.”said Patrick Onyango ( kampala police spokesman ). Check also: The remembering of the Uganda martyrs Joan Kagezi was taken to the refferal hospital in the capital kampala but ...

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