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African Migrants: Over 950 Died In The Sea Trying To Travel To Europe For Greener Pastures

African migrants

The rescuers from Greece dragged hundreds of drowning African migrants from capsized ship after more than 950 die in three adversities in just 24 hours. Check also: EU interior ministers meet to discuss quota plans for the Mediterranean migrants A ship which was carrying approximately 950 African migrants overturned off Libya when its passengers sat on one side, unfortunately the ...

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Kim Jong-Un climbs North Korea’s highest mountain

Kim Jong-Un

The state run media said,”[2]The north korean president Kim Jong-Un has climbed the highest mountain in North Korea. The picture above shows Kim Jong –Un standing on a snowy peak of mount Paektu. Check also: North Korea’s Vice President has reported been executed Reports say Kim Jong-Un reached the 2,750 metre peak of the volcanic mountain accompaned with hundreds of ...

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Zimbabwe student body wants to attack South Africa businesses


Harare: The president of Zimbabwe’s largest student body Zinasu ( Zimbabwe National Students Union ) Gilbert Mutubuki has called on Zimbabwean youths to attack in return against xenophobic violence in South Africa by destroying South African businesses in Zimbabwe. Check also: Most Zimbabweans Trusted Mugabe. Here’s Why Many Are Now Protesting On The Streets Zinasu represents thousands of students in all ...

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Xenophobia: Thousands joined the peace march against xenophobia attack in Durban SA


The xenophobia attack on foreigners in South Africa spread to Johannesburg and Pietermaritzburg on Wednesday where five people including a 14 year old boy have been killed during violence since last week , several businesses for foreigners have been closed following the threats. More police has been deployed to calm down the situation.[1] Check also: 5 people have killed in ...

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5 people killed in Xenophobia attack in South Africa

Xenophobia attack in South Africa

Its very sad that South African people have decided to fight against their fellow Africans ( Xenophobia )  especially from countries that freely gave them refuge and looked after  their exiled leaders including many other refugees who ran away from apartheid regime.[3] Check also: Xenophobia: Thousands joined the peace march against xenophobia attack in Durban SA Countries like Zambia,  Zimbabwe and ...

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