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Coca-Cola Made A Selfie Bottle That Will Let You Take Pictures As You Drink

Coca-Cola may be thinking of Snapchat Spectacles with its latest marketing ploy, a selfie snapping bottle that features a camera in what can only be described as a bottle boot with USB out for transferring your images.

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The red bootie shoots a selfie whenever it tips past a 70-degree angle, giving you a down-angle image of your face as you slurp that sweet sugar sauce down your gullet.

The bottle was created by agency Gefen Team for Coca-Cola Isreal’s Summer Love outdoor brand event, and the idea is that users will share the resulting pics on Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook. Prob–ably with an attendant brand hashtag but I could not be bothered to find out what that might be.

Coca-cola has made it unique!

In happier news, theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking thinks we’re probably looking at another 1,000 years, max, before some kind of global cataclysm on Earth wipes us out as a species.

He maintains this is motivation for us to figure out a way off this rock and into a future of interplanetary colonization. but given the selfie bottle and other recent developments, we should ask ourselves if continued survival is something we really deserve.

Source: Techcrunch

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