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Dmail configuration within Gmail compose interface

How To Use Dmail To Cancel Your Sent Email

Am very sure many people out there including myself have ever regretted sending an email, after they wished they could take it back due to various confidential content, am here to explain how Dmail works, and how it can easily help you out !

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What is Dmail ?

This is a new self-destruction email service tool, it was designed by a team from a powerful and popular social bookmarking service known as Delicious, it will allow you to better control messages sent over Gmail.

Dmail service can allow you to reverse access to any form of email, without time limit, Gmail has got a feature known as “ un-send “, which allows you to cancel a sent email by ordering various seconds after clicking “ send “, you will see another link called “ Undo Send “, just click on it, so as to return your message back to drafts, however Gmail’s option of “ undo ” is limited to the maximum of 30 seconds .

Email senders that would love to use this tool, will first of all have to install Google Chrome browser whatsoever, after downloading it, you will see a toggle switch with a new option inside the Gmail compose interface, which lets you to turn Dmail service on and off. This service will allow you to either select Never or destroy your email an hour or week from all recipients.
If you use Google Crome and Gmail, simply get Dmail right here.

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