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Tanzanian president, John Pombe Magufuli

Ghost Workers Must Be Removed From Payroll- Magufuli

Tanzania’s President John Magufuli has issued a directive to government departments and agencies to remove ghost workers from the payroll in line with his anti-corruption and austerity drive.

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The country is loosing billions of dollars through corruption, lack of transparency and inefficiencies. Public service officials have been given two weeks to implement the directive or face being charged.

Magufuli warned that officials who fail to implement the directive to remove names of ghost workers in this month’s payroll will be charged, effectively giving relevant officials in public institutions just two weeks to apply the directive.

A survey which informs the directive revealed the presence of ghost workers in the public sector who continue to receive salaries despite having retired, incarcerated, deceased or being on unpaid leave.

Tanzania is loosing billions of dollars through corruption, lack of transparency and inefficiencies in public institutions. Corruption and the scourge of ghost workers continue to hamper development efforts across the continent.

Nigeria’s finance ministry recently revealed that it removed more than 23,000 ghost workers from the national payroll, after a biometric investigation, saving 2.3 billion naira ($11.5 million) a month. The audit revealed that that 7.6 percent of employees either don’t exist or receive multiple salaries under different names.

In Zimbabwe, in a comprehensive audit conducted five years ago, more than 75 000 ghost workers in the public sector were unearthed. The country’s finance ministry has struggled to manage the wage bill, which is 80 percent of government revenues.

Source: DailyNews

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