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Why Google decided to Open A YouTube Production Studio In Mumbai, India

Google announced yesterday that it has decided to open a YouTube production studio in India and it will be located in Mumbai, am sure that the aspiring YouTube stars in India will be happy about this.

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The company said this video platform production facility will be the first in India, the second in Asia and the seventh in the whole world, it will hosted by Whistling Woods International Film School, I think that’s good news.

The head of YouTube spaces in Asia Pacific, David Macdonald said that India has one of the top contributors in Asia because they spend a lot of their time watching YouTube videos, it will be a great opportunity for new generation of the country.

YouTube creators to be more creative especially in capturing music, color and humour.

The YouTube space project will help to give You Tube film-makers enough space where they can get access to produce quality content, to gain mentorship, to get high quality equipment and to host training programs, events and workshops which will help the community to be more creative.

Many technology companies are targeting India because it has an interesting market.

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