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Google now offers free unlimited storage for photos and videos

Google announced its photo-sharing service  at its I/O developer conference in San Francisco, California yesterday.[6] The social network giant says, “ the service will be unveiled to web users and Android iOS with immediate effect, Users are now able to backup up full resolution for photos (  16 MP ) and videos ( 1080 p ) and Google cloud will be used free of charge.[1]

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The free storage option makes it wonderful for those who take photos with their shoot cameras and it enables you to keep copies of your photos for photo sharing and printing purposes,[7] however those of you who would like to store videos and photos in there default sizes can simply choose a different plan of 15 free GB of storage.

The relaunch of photos will now be accessible  from any device, the company will provide a way for users to back up their photos securely and privately.[3]

The app has an improved photo gallery version which will also let you sort your photos by day,[7] months or years by scrolling back, but the photos themselves are not stored on the device and this will save your mobile phone storage space.On top of that,[9] the company says that the photos will load fast.

When the app was part of Google+, several users where not aware that they could search their photos on Google+ for places, things or persons, but the new photo app brings it up in its user interface.[4]

The director of photos Anil Sabharwal said,” Google photos can automatically sort photos based on places and people that matter in your life.”

Google photos can aswell help you build GIF like animations,[3] movies with soundtracks and etc, there is a new gesture whereby you can also share multiple photos at once and after selecting photos of your choice, you will be redirected to share them to other social networks like twitter, google+, facebook etc.[1]

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