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The Top 10 High Best Comedians In Uganda Today

The Top 10 Best Comedians In Uganda Today

The year 2017, has been a really great year for comedians. Put aside the pressure that was put on them by the Anti Pornography Committee, of alerting them to stop using vulgar words while entertaining their funs which was most of trend in comedy. Therefore its high time we reveal the best comedians.

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Comedians are many but there are those who lead the comedy industry.

  1. MC Mariachi

He started in a joking way but turned out to be hard-working way for him. Besides he also takes time to study his audience and figures out his jokes towards his audience. MC Mariachi has been consistent. At first many said he was another MC Kapale but he found his own authentic voice. We congratulate him upon his achievement as Uganda’s top most comedian today.

  1. Taata Sam aka Katusekemu

If at all you don’t know Taata Sam family, it means you don’t know comedy!! and you’re the most ignorant reader we have had in a long while. His even so viral via social media platforms in relation with his short comedy clips.

  1. Amooti

It’s on record that Amooti is the only comedian whom you can laugh at before even him saying any word on stage. Everything that comes out of Amooti’s mouth is a real joke even if at times his serious. He is one of the few natural comedians in Uganda.

  1. Madrat and Chikko

This comical duo has stayed together through thick and thin. They have this chemistry, and they are proof that opposites indeed attract. One is tall and fat, the other is short and medium-sized. They have enjoyed each other’s company on stages and this has transferred to their audiences.

  1. Prof Joel AKA Mendo Ssegujja

Ssegujja Mendo

He’s played the part of a teacher. He’s asked us; “what went wrong?” He’s represented at the Churchill show. He’s played Prof. Joel as President Yoweri Museveni. He’s been consistent. And he definitely deserves this position.

  1. Dr. T-amale

It takes brains to mimic another man and still maintain popularity. Yet Dr. T-amale has consistently perfected the persona of Tamale Mirundi. He keeps getting better every day. It has gotten to a point where it’s almost difficult to draw a line between the two. He takes the sixth slot on this list.

  1. Idringi Salvado

Salvado performing at Africa Laughs Season 3

Once again, he organized his one-man show proving everyone wrong. When a famous Ugandan female artiste’s bedroom video leaked, Salvado pulled off a mighty parody. He sent the whole Uganda into stitches. He is currently Uganda’s best export to the African continent having upstaged Anne Kansiime who’s spent the year dealing with her separation from Ojok instead of sharing jokes.

  1. MC Vex

Ronnie McVex at Laftaz comedy night

This is the guy who you would gladly bring to any corporate event and he would still make it up. He’s currently unchallenged when it comes to English stand-up comedy. He’s creative, he has branded himself and is ever smart. Are you looking for the guy who can do everything and still have a serious face to it, then think no further than MC Vex.

  1. Swengere Family

This has been a year for Busoga Kingdom, they have influenced Uganda in every possible way. This family started off jokingly sharing the awesome clips on Facebook. Before long these were spreading like a wild fire on WhatsApp groups. There’s the great Kalibaala who goes out of his way to exhibit the comical side to being dense. They recently filled Theatre La Bonita to capacity. Some people had to be denied entry because of lack of space.

  1. MC Kapale

Truth be told, MC Kapale still has commendable work. He’s the guy who will chatter joke after joke. You can throw him any topic and he will crack a joke around it. He describes himself as the grandfather of real comedy in Uganda. He has attacked almost every other comedian in Uganda going ahead to claim that MC Mariachi stole from his pockets as a father. Though this time he organised a show recently some time back and people failed to turn up, it doesn’t mean his not among the best comedians.

We congratulate your work done in the Comedy industry.

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