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Hong Kong Has No Enough Space To Bury The Dead

Hong Kong is one of the densely populated cities located in South-Eastern China, with 30 square miles, a former British colony and a global financial centre,[4] right now Hong Kong is facing a problem of high death rate each year and now there is lack of enough space to bury the dead, according to reports from the Associated Press.

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Way back in 1960s when Hong Kong was still a British colony,[2] the administrators recommended the process of cremation to solve the problem of over populating the available cemetaries and now cremation rate has risen to 90 percent, however, Chinese people believe in burying the dead in the ground to rest in peace rather than burning.[5]

Grave yard within the city of Hong-Kong

    Grave yard within the city of Hong-Kong

This issue forced the government of Hong-Kong to construct a large place known as Columbaria where the dead’s ashes is stored instead of spreading it in public parks and in the sea, but still it’s not enough space.[1]

Its Bad for Hong kong!

When its tomb sweeping holidays,[8] the Columbaria becomes over crowded with many people coming to visit their ancestors also causing a lot of traffic jam aswell as air pollution from burning the paper offerings.[7]

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