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Salva Kiir says am not mad
South Sudan's president, Salva Kiir

Am Not Insane As Some People Claim- S.Sudan’s President Salva Kiir

The president of South Sudan salva kiir has come out to dismiss allegations that are against him that he’s mentally sick.

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Salva Kiir was allegedly accused of being insane by one of his native physician Mawien Akot.

Akot said that their president is insane and lacks physical capacity to rule S.Sudan.

However the President through his press secretary Ateny, he confirmed that he mentally well and actually carrying out constitutional mandate.

Ateny said: “The president is in good health and fit to continue to lead this nation. If he is sick, the government will come out and tell the people of South Sudan of his health. But now there is no problem.”

Ateny further stated that  Mawein is a liar to call their president mad.

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