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Makerere lecturers to strike

Makerere University Lecturers Warn To Strike Again

It’s no longer a surprise but rather typical for Makerere lecturers to strike most especially at the opening of the semester.

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Makerere lecturers are demotic for the regular strikes for various problems that they face at the institution.

One may think that after demonstrating for so many times and coming together to tackle the challenging issues, the striking would be no more from the lecturers. However, the Makerere University Academic Staff Association (MUASA) claims most problems haven’t been solved.

The PRO of MUASA Allan Ochieng, claims that Makerere university has failed to provide better payments to lecturers that teach on the evening programme to stimulate greater output.

Allan threatened that if the institute doesn’t provide a way to tackle the issue of incentives before the next academic year the first semester will not open. And for the evening lectures, Allan also said that a special program should be put up for the evening programs.

According to the vice chancellor Prof Nawangwe, he promises to address that raised issue because he’s fully aware of the situation.

Prof Nawangwe said: “Not all lecturers will be paid allowances for the extra work done for as long as it’s within the stipulated weekly 40hours. He guaranteed a special treatment for some lecturers who teach on the evening classes.”

The courses that are to be affected if the lecturers proceed with the striking are those in the College of Humanities.

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