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Makerere Students Strike Over Food

When you talk about striking among institutions, Makerere leads the chats for every year the prestigious university has to carry out a strike.

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Not nearly to half a year, the students of Makerere demonstrated on Monday Morning over the decision by the University to halt student’s meals in their domicile halls.

This decision was announced by Makerere vice chancellor Prof Barnabas Nawangwe. Nawangwa decried that the university will stop providing meals for students but rather the institution will provide food allowance to every student.

The VC seconded the university’s decision claiming that the decision will be able to overcome complaints from students over poor meals provided by the university.

However, the students didn’t like the university’s decision thus leading to a strike.

As usual the police is always there when it comes to keep law and order and again on Monday it was there to stop the demonstration. And according to reports, over 15 students were arrested including the recently elected guild president Papa Were Salim.

Salim said: “They are talking of giving us shs4000 but that is not enough to feed any individual.”

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