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one billion downloads
facebook messenger is a fast, reliable and efficient way of communication, you can download easily

Facebook messenger has reached a milestone of more than one billion downloads

The vice president of messaging products at Facebook, David Marcus made an announcement that Facebook messenger has hit over one billion downloads on Android platform.Wow, what a booming business!

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Therefore, messenger has now joined the superior club of Facebook, google, whatsApp, maps, YouTube and search which all have over one billion google play downloads.

Messenger’s master plan of arranging a contemporary mobile sharing features over a quick texting app has finally paid off with Video calling, stickers, location, VOIP and a platform of third-party content creation apps.

By putting all this in place, this simply means that messenger has almost taken control of all communication channels, one billion downloads now.

Facebook combined with whatsApp’s smooth-running SMS option in order to control messaging in away that protects it from interruption, however Facebook is already focusing on the upcoming core communication utility.

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