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magara was killed and its believed her murder suspect flew to S.A

Museveni Phone called S.Africa’s President Ramaphosa Over Magara’s Killing

Susan magara was kidnapped for some weeks and later killed dumping her dead body at the southern by-pass.

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The death of Magara was a shock to the nation hence making some natives question the security of Uganda towards their precious life.

Unlike other murders that have so far happened in Uganda, Museveni was so concerned with Magara’s death promising the deceased family that justice will be found.

For late Susan’s Justice to be found, Museveni has revealed that he called his fellow President Ramaphosa to help him curb the murder suspect that was residing in S.A

The president said: “Susan who was recently kidnapped and murdered her murder suspect was in South Africa and I personally called President Ramaphosa and action was taken.”

Museveni said all this while talking about security issues of Africa with his counter paul Kagame who was in Uganda for a one day visit.

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