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nankabirwa says Museveni's iQ is next to God
Ruth Nankabirwa

Museveni’s IQ is Next To God- Says Ruth Nankabirwa

The government chief whip Ruth Nankabirwa was appearing at Women’s Day celebrations for Rukiga district where she showered Museveni with a lot of praise.

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Ruth said: Museveni is devoted like Jesus Christ. He has given the whole of him to help Ugandans out of poverty. I believe he’s God-sent and his intelligence is probably next to God’s.”

Nankabirwa also said that President Museveni is a merry gift to Ugandan women. Therefore, all women must fight hard to ensure he remains in power.

“The opposition members who are always criticizing president Museveni and failing to appreciate the good things he has done are Witch doctors,” Nankabirwa said too.

Ruth also urged voters to support the forthcoming referendum, which aims on increasing the presidential term office from five to seven years.

However, the Gov’t chief whip asked voters to stop pressurizing their voted MP’s but rather give time to their representatives to discover ways available for national development.

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