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Fabiola says her nudes shaped her
Anita Fabiola

My Leaked Nude Photos Shaped Me- Fabiola

Cross-border media personality Anita Fabiola says the scandalous leak of her private photos in 2015 has shaped her into the woman she is today.

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In an interview with Tanzanian Vlog Dizzim, Fabiola reminisced on the trying moment then, but says “I learnt from it.”

“It’s very sad in Africa that when that [photos leaking] happens to a  woman, every one throws stones at them, and even the women will come back and throw stones at you instead of coming together and seeing how to put an end to things like that,” Fabiola said.

Fabie, as she prefers to refer to herself, also noted that the leak did not only crash some of her plans, but empowered her too.

“It was actually, for me, a blessing in disguise because after that I became empowered,” she told the Tanzanian media house.

“I just realized that i’m my own woman and I need to stand up for myself and when something is not right, it’s not right”, Fabiola said, adding that, “It sort of strengthened some of my beliefs”.

On whether she has remorse about the whole incident, the former NTV “Be My Date,” show host said: “Do I regret it? I wish it hadn’t happened, but I learnt from it and it has really, really shaped me into the woman that I am today.”

When asked whether she would do that [take private photos] with another lover, Fabiola said, “Hell no.”

“You can’t even get a picture of my toes.”

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