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Pamela Musiimire says she was never in love with Mowzey radio
Pamela Musiimire

Me And Mowzey Radio We Were Never In Love-Pamela Says

Pamela Musiimire, the lady who’s among the last people to be with now the deceased Mowzey radio at the bar where he was beaten from.

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Who Is Pamela?

Abdul Karim Busuulwa says that he’s responsible for Mowzey meeting with Pamela. Busuulwa who claims to be the late Mowzey Radio’s site engineer said that he was in charge of doing all the work, like buying material at Radio’s site in Busambaga, Entebbe.

Busuulwa said: “I gave Pamela Radio’s number when I had gone to report the late to police for not paying me the exact money which I owed him. And does how shecame to know about the fallen artist after he had passed radio’s number to her.

Back to the punch line, Pamela who was imagined to be in a relationship with the singer radio by the public denies the allegations saying she has never been his girlfriend.

She said: “We were just friends. I got to know Mowzey Radio sometime back when he ran into trouble. I helped him and since then he has always refered to me as his sister”

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