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PayPal has launched a peer to peer payments service

Paypal has just unveiled what it called a peer to peer payment service which it says will solve all your financial problems whereby if you’re in a situation where someone owes you some money, it wont be a hassle to chase that person around.

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The company has revealed its new Paypal.Me service just today and this will easily help people to request money from their family or friends around the world as well as curbing conversations and time spent down tracking people to get your money back.

Paypal.Me will let you name your money using a personal link which will allow people to pay you back with no hassle, just share your Paypal.Me link through email, text and even on your social media profile so that if someone wants to pay you, h/she just click the link, type in the amount, then click send, the money will be sent to your paypal account automatically.

This new service is quick, efficient and personalized, for instance, my link can be Paypal.Me/James and if you’re to collect money for a group such as wedding party, you just need to set the link as Paypal.ME/WeddingFund.
Paypal.Me is available in countries like Canada, US, UK, Australia, Germany, Russia, Turkey, France, Italy, Spain, Poland, Sweden, Belgium, Norway, Denmark, Netherlands, Austria and Switzerland.



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