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Penis  transplant

Penis donors wanted in South Africa

Doctors in Johannesburg, South Africa are able and ready to perform Penis transplants in almost all South Africa’s hospitals. They are just waiting for those who are willing to donate.

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South Africa is carrying out a similar transplant, however Dr Christian Bernard’s successful heart transplant in 1967 was the first and this makes South Africa’s world medical history too phenomenal.

Professor Frank Graewe of Stellenbosch University is among the doctors who implemented the method and head of the division of reconstructive and plastic surgery, said “the reciever of the penis transplant who was among the several men on the waiting list”. His penis was cut off three years ago after a poorly performed circumcision during a traditional ritual events.

After three months, the patient recovered very well and he had sex five weeks after being operated. Professor Graewe said “he ejaculats and erects very well and plays sex with his partner frequently. His relationship is steady and healthy”.In december last year, the operation took nine hours at Tygerberg Hospital in Cape town, in a two hour method, the organ was gathered from a donor who was announced brain dead.

The whole penis was cautiously cut to keep blood vessels and nerves uninjured, the skin quality of the patient’s penis has no different with that of a donor, however it will never be 100% similar, simply because even though individuals have the same skin colour but appearance pigmentation differ.” said Proffessor Graewe.”

Professor André van der Merwe, has practiced on dead bodies to to see which blood vessels, nerves and other components had to be joined to assure normal functioning. He is also the head of the urology division at Stellenbosch who led the process and has worked on research in this field since 2010. Currently, the patient is on immune reduction medication to stop his body from abandoning the penis.

They have a few patients who are ready for the next transplant, however we wanted to first of all learn from the first transplant and the patient himself allowing enough time for recovery. But he is recovering increadibly well, we can therefore carry out the next transplant as soon as we find a suitable donor.

Who can really accept to donate his penis?



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