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Barbie Kyagulanyi reveals where she buys her clothes from
Barbie Kyagulanyi

All My Pretty Clothes Are Bought From Owino-Barbie Reveals

You do not have to break the bank to look like Barbie Kyagulanyi. This after the wife to singer turned MP, Bobi Wine, revealed that she does most of her shopping in downtown Kampala.

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Barbie further noted that she actually buys all her cute clothes from Owino market in a telling post on social media.

She posted: “I have a bad habit that cost me some friendships when I was a mother of One. My then “high class” friends chucked me because I genuinely let out our little secret.

I was quick to tell a group of our other friends (who we didn’t really involve in our plot much) that we bought our very cute clothes from Owino. I was so excited that I told them of how we woke up very early on Thursday mornings to line up for “Ndibotas” which were being cut by the basubuzi.

The mud did not matter much so we braved the pushing and pickpockets. My circle might have chucked me but I still go to Owino for shopping of almost everything.” 

Source: big eye

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