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balaam says he didnt steal any money
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I Did Not Steal The Late Radio’s condolence money-Balaam

Balaam is among the first people to notify Ugandans and the world at large that singer radio mowzey had passed away on 1st February 2018.

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Balaam was in charge of handling Radio’s condolence money at his funeral.

Who Is Balaam Byaruhanga?

Balaam Byaruhanga is a 39 year old Ugandan. He’s the president at Uganda music promoters and performing arts association. Balaam is the founder & CEO at Balaam Marketing and Promotions Agency in South Sudan. He’s also the chairman and managing Director at Radio one station in Juba.

It’s believed that promoter byaruhanga was a close friend to the deceased mowzey Radio.

However, allegations have risen up saying that the events promoter misused the condolence money at Radio’s funeral. To Silence the critics, Byaruhanga has defended himself saying he didn’t mismanage the condolence money.

He said the total amount of money given to him was shs24.5 Million. He said: “The shs4.1M was a sound deposit in Kaga. Shs3million was used for 5 small tents and 3000 chairs. The funeral services were paid shs14.4M. Then the remaining Shs3M was spent on service books for Rubaga Cathedral (1500 copies).

He also said that it was city tycoon Brian White that paid Shs 10 Million for the sound system at kololo airstrip where people had a last look at radio’s dead body of which he also contributed Shs3 million.

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