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Rail Project in Nigeria

Nigeria To Build A $2.4billion Lagos Red Line Rail Project

Nigerian president Muhammadu Buhari approved the construction of the 27 km $2.4billion Lagos Red line rail project, according to Dr Dayo Mobereola, Lagos State Commissioner for Transport.[1]

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Dr Dayo continued and said the federal government in the previous administration was so reluctant to get the project approved,[7] it had taken nearly five years to get it approved and another four years to discuss the technicality of the project with us, but we thank the current government of Muhammadu Buhari which reacted immediately.[5]

This rail project will be of a great benefit to Nigeria!

However there is hope for the government to complete the Blue Line Light Rail project towards the year 2016.

We’re aware of the transportation problem in Lagos state but we hope something will be put in place to solve the issue towards the end of 2016,[6] it will be done in phases. Such projects normally takes very long to complete, “ he said.”[1]

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