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What Happened When Dad Abandoned Us – This Is How It Affected Us

My name is Rachel, I stay in Naguru. We were born a family of three sisters , one from another father but same mother,  and another from the same father and mother.  My elder sister is known as Agnes and my follower is Michelle. My dad and mother separated when i was nine years old and my follower was three years of age while my elder sister was in her teens.

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My mother was a hardworking woman, by then, we used to stay in the barracks, because my mum was a police woman,  so we had shelter provided by the government and water, electricity were all for free. We therefore didn’t  suffer that much because she did her best to give us the kind of life we wanted , the good schools we went to because by then i was studying at Kampala Parents School and my elder sister was studying at Kololo Secondary School.

After a period of time, my mother dated another man, they were secretly in love for some time, after a few months,  we realised she was pregnant for him. Since we were young, we had no say on her relationship,  but unfortunately in that process,  she had acquired HIV/AIDs. She fell sick for some time during the pregnancy,  but God willingly,  she gave birth to our late brother who was also born with HIV/AIDS , unfortunately,  after six months, our brother passed away and on hearing the news,  my mother who was very ill and by then was admitted in the hospital also passed away.

My dad decided to abandon us!

We really faced a hard life after the death of our mother, my dad did not bother to take care of us because of the frustration and stress he had,  instead he decided to abandon us, and did not look back. My elder sister had completed her ‘O’ Level , so she he was unable to continue with school, she decided to look after both of us. She built a house in the barracks made out of mud and sticks, and we started staying there. She looked for some little money and started the business of pancakes, where she could get money for our feeding and school fees. We had to shift to cheaper schools which she could afford,  but thank God we were bright academically.

My sister applied for a job in the police force,  lucky enough, she went through and joined the police. Later,  we got shelter provided by the police and started staying with her. she paid for our school fees till university level. I finished University and got a job, i started helping her to pay for my young sister and would handle other responsibilities with her,  so life became fair on our side.

After going through many challenges and difficulties, my elder sister finally got married. My young sister is now at University, she has grown into a beautiful woman. Thank  God that though life became hard for us, we managed to find our way.

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