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Russia begun making the world’s largest helicopter.

Russian Helicopters Corporation. announced that it has now begun making the Mi-26T2, this is the newest version and it will be the world’s larget heavy transport helicopter,

The Mi-26T2 will be on a high demand from around the world according to RT. The CEO of the Russian Helicopter, Andrey Shibitov said,” we begun making the modernized heavy helicopter Mi-26T2 which has a strong demand in domestic Russian market and globally.


The Mi-26 soviet Russian heavy transport helicopter was the first version to be manufactured, its also the largest and the most powerful. Since 1980 there has been about 316 number of heavy machines manufactured in Russia to deploy both civilian and military.


The next version Mi-26T2 will be more improved to suit a wider range of applications such as 295 kilometres per hour, the take-off mass is 56 tons maximumly, will fly 800 kilometres using just one fuel tank and the flying top speed of 255 kilometres per hour. It will be used to deliver fuel, fire fighting, installation and construction.


The Mi-26T2 is capable of flying during the night unlike the previous model, its equipped with special night flight and it can be operated 24 hours, its built with modern navigation controls and avionics developed by OJSC Ramenskoe Instrument Design Bureau, it will be operated by two pilots on board.


The next version will include heavy equipment and troop transportation, it can lift heavyweight fighter vehicles, it can also carry more than 80 troops with their combat gear just once. It can also be used as air ambulance able to carry more than 50 people injured during the war.



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