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Christmas celebrations

Somalia And Brunei Issued A Ban On Both Christmas And New Year celebrations

The governments of both Somalia and south-east Asia sultanate of Brunei have announced the prohibition of Christmas celebrations aswell as the new year celebrations because they contradict the Islamic culture and may destroy the faith of the muslim community.

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Christmas and new years celebration threatens the country’s Islamic faith and it could annoy the Islamic militants, the alshabab to use it as an advantage of carrying out deadly attacks like they did in 2014 killing one civilian and three African Union soldiers, according to director general of Somalia’s religious affairs ministry Sheikh Khayrow Mohamed.

There will be heavy deployment of tight security in these countries, ready to break up any festivities and activities on Christmas and new year’s day with the threat of five years in prison as a purnishment.

A few christian foreign diplomats and rescue workers in reserved AU areas carry out the celebration privately and quietly.

Christmas and new year’s decorations

Such as Christmas trees, Christmas card & greetings, fire-works, candle lighting and putting on hats or clothes similar to Santa Claus will not be allowed to take place because they are against Islamic faith.

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