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How To Love Some One Who Is Depressed

How to love a depressed person

It’s the kind of question that will riddle – no, burden – you, well into the wee hours of the night. How do you love a depressed soul? How do you love someone who is suffering from  manic depression for longer than you’ve known him. In fact, it almost feels like you don’t know him at all. Check also: Every Couple ...

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Why Long Distance Relationship Fails

How many of us have fallen in love with someone across the world? Lost a girlfriend, or a boyfriend to a degree abroad, or a job opportunity that couldn’t be missed? The heart wants what it wants, after all and it isn’t always the most practical thing. So for those of you who are ready to step into a long ...

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10 Hot Things Boyfriends Always Say That Are So Sweet

silly things boyfriends say

Sometimes boyfriends can say things that make you want to pull out your hair and sometimes they say things that make you wonder – what does that even mean?! But at other times they say things that absolutely, positively make our toes curl with joy and passion both! Check also: 10 Things Why Men Love Dating Short Women Here are 10 of those hot ...

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Who Cheats More In Relationships? Men Or Women?

men cheat

why do partners sometimes feel the need to cheat? When it comes to infidelity, the reasons vary for men and women. In fact, gender often plays some role in what led to the indiscretion. For example, one reason men often stray is because they don’t feel respected by their partner. In a conversation with The Cheat Sheet, Lesli Doares, couples consultant and author ...

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8 Ways To Know Your Partner Is Taking Advantage Of You

your partner

Being in a relationship should mean having a partner who’s also your equal. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. When the scales are out of balance, it’s only a matter of time until the relationship is left teetering on the edge of a breakup. Check also: 15 Ways To Deal With The Feeling Of Being “Unloved” in a relationship If you suspect ...

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