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7 Things A Mature Man Will NEVER Do

mature man

Many relationships end because of differences in maturity level. One partner may be planning for the future, while the other may be more concerned about getting the newest video game or finding a new outfit for a party every weekend. Maturity happens at a different age for everyone. Just because your significant other is the same age as you doesn’t ...

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16 Signs You’re Not Ready For A Serious Relationship

not serious relationships

You love her, [3]you love your relationship, but despise her want for more commitment! All relationships have to ride on the same highway – the one that leads to a happily every after. But, do you wish to take this ride now?[4] Check also: 11 Silly Things ALL Married Couples Fights Over Below are signs that indicate many aren’t ready ...

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25 Things Women Say That Men Misunderstand

women are hard relationship

Perhaps you’ve tried learning German, French or Spanish, but those languages are nothing compared to Woman. Most scholars agree that the only thing more impossible than understanding the language of women is dividing by 0.[1] You have no hope. Don’t even try. Whatever![1] Check also: 11 Silly Things ALL Married Couples Fights Over You probably thought that all of that means ...

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9 Things Every Man Should Know About Dating An Independent Woman

independent woman

Independent Woman are always strong women,  they already have emotional burgages within them, they are tired of men who are liers, some think all men are the same.[1]   May we know them, may we be them, and may we raise them. [4] . Check also: 9 Questions People Ask When You Start Dating Someone 1. Don’t judge her by ...

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