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4 Signs Your Partner Doesn’t Respect You

disrespectful partner

Just like trust, loyalty, and faithfulness, respect is of the utmost importance in a relationship. Without it, your relationship is bound to fail. If you often find yourself questioning whether or not your partner truly respects you, you need to take a long, hard look at your situation. Check also: 10 Things Shy Girls Normally Say And What They Actually Mean A lack of ...

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Sex Robots To Hit The Market By 2017 And They Have Human Genitals

sex robots

Robots were always seeming to be scaring us for the future thanks to Hollywood hits like iRobot, Terminator, and A.I. The mere thought of artificial intelligence gives us goosebumps, could something so perfectly designed by mankind really have a mind and soul of it’s own? If so is it evil? Is it good? We can’t tell just yet. Check also: Google ...

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11 Ways To Know He’s In Love With You Or In Lust?

love with-you

Love and lust are two very different concepts which can be very easily confused. It’s even more baffling when you are trying to figure out someone else’s emotions…which we often are, aren’t we?! Check also: 11 Undeniable Signs He’s Truly In Love With You What is he thinking when he looks at you? Is he trying to undress you in his ...

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Pregnancy: What You Need To Know About Pregnancy

what you need about pregnancy

Pregnancy can happen when a boy and a girl have sex without a condom or other contraceptives. During sex,[9] sperm is deposited in the girl’s Vagina and swims towards the cervix. Check also: 7 Facts Why Couples Avoid Sex On Their Wedding Day The sperm swims through the cervix,[4] into the womb and into the fallopian tubes where they can ...

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