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Infertile most men are
Health State Minister Sarah Opendi addressing the nation at Fertility Symposium

Most Ugandan Men Are Infertile-Says Health State Minister

Despite of the fact that Uganda is one the countries with the highest fertility rates, Health state minister says most Ugandan men are infertile.

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Sarah opendi the health state minister claimed that over 50% of Ugandan men can’t impregnant a lady.

She said: “10-15% of couples are infertile and so cannot have children.”

The minister said that 75% of the men are infertile due to Sexually Transmitted Infections which lead to blockage of fallopian tubes in women and sperm ducts in men.”

Causes of Infertility;

Abnormal sperm production or function

Problems with the delivery of sperm

Overexposure to certain environmental factors

Damage related to cancer and its treatment

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