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Upcoming Version Of Android Will Use Just A Fingerprint

The upcoming version of Android preliminary known as Android M ( Android 6.0 ) with improved nortification features will make you forget logging in password.[5]

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The Android M will include what we call a “ native fingerprint authentication,”  which is configured into the mobile operating system.[2]

The reports say” users will definitely use their fingerprints to log into all the apps on their Android devices Not their passwords any more.

However, fingerprint authentication will only be compatible with fingerprint sensor devices or enabled smartphones.[5] This functionality will help to replace the stressful passwords, nevertheless, fingerprints will also be used in mobile payments such as samsungpay and Applepay which has already proved it.[1]

Users that use ios with TouchID devices already know how, fast, convenient and secure using fingerprints are instead of struggling to remember passwords, however there are few devices with fingerprint sensor technology at the moment, such Motorola Atrix, Apple iphone 5s, iphone6 and 6 Plus, HTC One Max, Samsung Galaxy S5, Samsung Galaxy note4 and note Edge, Galaxy s6, Huawei Ascend Mate 7, Xolo Q2100, Meizu Mx4 pro, Oppo N3 and Elephone P7000.

Incase if some of these sophisticated and sensor enabled smartphones are not yet available in your country,[4] you can order them online at Amazon (US).

Expected prices:

– Oppo N3 at around $650
– Meizu NX4 pro at around $450
– Xolo Q2100 at around $210
– Huawei Ascend Mate 7 ( 16 GB version ) at around $600
– Huawei Ascend Mate 7 ( 32 GB version ) at around $800
– Samsung Galaxy note4 at around $770
– Samsung Galaxy note Edge at around $1051
– Samsung Galaxy S5 at around $550
– HTC One Max at around $499
– Apple iphone 5S at around $600
– Apple iphone 6 at around $770
– Apple iphone 6 plus at around $1055
– Motorola Atrix at around $100
– Elephone P7000 at around $220

On 28th to 29th May, Google will be expected to officially announce the functionality at its annual I/O developer conference which will take place in San Francisco, CA USA.[1]

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