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Xiaomi and Foxconn have partnered to begin phone production in India

Xiaomi has joined with Foxconn to begun Making Smartphones In India

The Chinese smartphone giant Xiaomi which is valued $40 billion has announced today that it has partnered with Foxconn which manufactures ipad and iphone to begin creating mobile devices in India in order to expand its brand in south asia.

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Both Xiaomi and Foxconn have already begun manufacturing devices in India.T

The first Indian made phone is known as Redmi 2 Prime which is currently costing 6,900 INR ( about $108 ).

Xiaomi already developed its local operations in Brazil which is regarded as the company’s head of international development where it locally manufactures mobile devices due to high import taxes. Foxconn promised to invest $5 billion so that it can expand its manufacturing business in India.

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